About us

Housing Britain was incorporated in 2004. The founder and also the current managing director is Ali Turker. The main vision for the formation of Housing Britain is to contribute in its own unique way to better the social happiness of the community within the Greater London area, working in direct partnership with the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, by housing homeless households with procuring homes by providing landlords excellent 'Rent Guarantee Schemes'. Housing Britain continuously seeks to eliminate all pressures deriving from volatile social circumstances establishing new relationships with the community aiming at social inclusion and providing unmatched services which fulfills and contributes to the mission and good name of Housing Britain.

The company secretary Fatema Docrat is in charge of all issues relating to corporate governance and the internal administration of the organisation. The 'Tenant Support Team' & Public Relations department continually benefit by her experience and direct management.

The finance manager is Kemal Noyan, Msc, Ba, Grad-Icsa.The 'Finance & Administration' and also the 'Research & Development' departments benefit from his focused management and qualified expertise.

Housing Britain employs numerous staff for the carrying out of other duties such as inspections, placements, maintenance & repairs,decorating, interpreters, plumbing, electrics, pest control, agents, etc...

Housing Britain has a credible 'Equality & Diversity Policy'and is an equal opportunity employer.